10 Types of Blog Posts for Writers to Increase Traffic

This is really useful for aspiring and professional writers–good post, Jeremiah! Thanks!

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waterfall Here’s what you need.

If you’re blog is floundering with a small trickle of traffic, here’s some tips to help crack the Internet faucet open more. We don’t want trickles and streams, we want rivers, to have our content shared and read.

And that brings us to readability. Are your articles optimized for the average internet user? Are your posts easy to share? Do they encourage interaction, and attract the momentary attention of skimmers?

Those questions are key to ask before publishing to your blog.

Here are ten types of blog posts for aspiring authors, poets, and writers that will help boost your blog in the right direction.

1. How-to/tutorial posts

This one provides information on how to perform a specific task, or reach a goal. How many of you have Googled how to do something you simply didn’t know how to? Videos and images that provide information on accomplishing…

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