The Learning Curve

I just found out about, a pretty incredible place if you want your book to be translated into all the e-book formats. Plus the owner, Mark Coker, is an upright guy who gives you everything you need to publish your book for free and have it marketed in almost every e-book format available! There is a great community there, too, and you can download samples of e-books being published at Smashwords, up to 50% of the book in some cases. Also lots of e-books can be downloaded for free.

Formatting for is another matter: not as miserable as I imagined with my book and a journey through hell with Bruce’s (The Deadenders). For some reason when he writes on Word he has to use every formatting tool available and the rule at Smashwords is, keep it simple. Mark Coker has even written a guide you can download for free about marketing your e-book, and it’s the best of its kind I’ve read.

The Deadenders is now in trade paperback form, although you have to go to the Kindle site to link to it on Amazon. Hopefully my links will show up at the bottom of this blog.

My darling daughter Robin and her darling husband Ross downloaded both our e-books, each on a different i-Phone, which I thought was amazingly sweet!

I am still formatting Bruce’s version of The Deadenders, since I am the publisher. My company name is Web Press and the colophon is a rather predatory looking spider. This, I hope, does not reflect on me personally…

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