Hot Dog!

This is my lucky day! The Kindle version of LIE LIKE A WOMAN is now on sale as well as the trade paperback, with a Look Inside! option. Not only that, but Bruce’s Kindle version of THE DEADENDERS is for sale as well, although it has not shown up on his author’s site yet.

He’s already got me working on the cover for SHIMMER, his next horror novel, and thanks to I’ve learned a few things about formatting e-books that unfortunately I didn’t know when I was formatting mine. I may go for another version of the format, although I downloaded a sample of my book on my Kindle Reader and it is perfectly readable. But maybe not just plain perfect, which we are all aiming for.

Bruce already has two ready-to-go books in the hopper, not to mention his collection of horror and science fiction stories that was originally printed by Blackthorne Publishing and which we will be bringing out in trade paperback and Kindle form within the next six months. We are storming the gates at Amazon, by golly! The Joneses are here to stay!

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