Fun With Kindle

Hey you guys. I uploaded my book, LIE LIKE A WOMAN, to Kindle last night using my own easy-to-read format, since I checked the formats of other Kindle books and could not find a consensus on any one style. No doubt it’s unconventional.

Bruce’s book, THE DEADENDERS, was supposed to show up on Kindle this week, but instead only got published to the UK site. I have re-uploaded a version our friend and fellow writer Charles Austen (WARM SUN ON NEKKID BOTTOMS) formatted for Bruce in a much more professional style because he’s a genius and I’m not.

I have also republished the trade paperback of LIE LIKE A WOMAN with a different cover and a more pleasing interior. It should be available again in a week or two. Now I’m obligated to bring the married protagonists, Bree and Richard Matthews, back in a sequel entitled DIE LIKE A MAN, with all the regulars and a new cast of villains. I have to admit working with Bree and Richard is kind of like spending time with old friends, and I don’t really write them: they write themselves. Not bad work if you can get it.

Bruce too has started another novel and I got to read the first couple of chapters this morning. That’s one of the perks of being married to another writer, and it’s a terrific one! I’m an avid reader from way back, when my mother taught me on a moth-eaten encyclopedia at the age of three, and reading is my one true addiction. I always knew I would marry a writer, long before I knew I would be one.

My good friend Colleen Ross (a brilliant artist) has been encouraging me to paint in oils, to ‘get messy’, as she puts it, and suffice to say that it is a challenge I’m more than willing to accept. Working for years in comic books exposed me to some of the finest artists out there, and I’m even intimidated by my husband’s artistic talent, but the older I get, the more I realize that it’s not about how good you are, but how good you can become. Striving is something I came to late in life; things were always too easy for me, and I never tried anything I didn’t think was going to be easy. Now I’m taking on the hard stuff, the stuff I’m not always best at. It’s vastly rewarding. I don’t have to be a star. I just have to try…

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