Once more with feeling!

This is a repeat of yesterday’s post. I promise not to do this again…

Incredibly,  Bruce (my husband) and I just cracked the publishing barrier today after twenty-five years in the business using agents, publishers and editors as the purveyors of our work. We did it in much the same way we published TWISTED TALES, ALIEN WORLDS, and SOMERSET HOLMES years ago–by writing it all ourselves, doing our own editing, hiring artists or doing the art ourselves, doing our own paste up (except now you do your paste up, not on your drawing board, but on a graphics program using a templet–in our case, GIMP, the best free art program on the Internet). Go to BRUCE JONES author’s page on Amazon.com if you’d like to see some examples of some of the work we’ve turned out, mostly through approved commercial channels, over the last two decades…

I gotta say, it was a thrill! Bruce’s new horror novel, THE DEADENDERS, his ninth novel and I think his best, should be out shortly in trade paperback and Kindle format, and I can’t wait!  He has a legion of fans who love his horror work and he hasn’t written a horror novel in years.

My own book, LIE LIKE A WOMAN, was the experimental book, and consequently I’m tempted to pull it and redo the cover, etc., but it’s a good story and should stand on its own. The sequel, DIE LIKE A MAN, should be ready by the end of the year, for all the Bree and Richard Matthews followers.

In the meantime, I’m painting in oils again, which takes a lot less time than writing a book, and is a lot more relaxing…

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